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June 18, 2009

Helfire Boar Stewin' with Berlena

This recipe was submitted by Berlena, who warns that it has some leg work. Some of the best things do take a little time, but I suggest trying this one on maintenance Tuesdays.

Berlena writes, "It takes about 3 hours to cook, and tastes great!"

What you need:
Crock Pot
2 Pork Neck bones (You can buy these in boxes in Canada. If you cannot find them, ask the butcher in your grocery store.)
3 quarts of Water (Add more if you need it.)
1 can Tomato Soup
1 cup of Flour
1 large can of Pineapple chunks (you can use fresh if you'd like.)
2-3 Celery stalks, chopped
1 large Onion, chopped
3-5 cloves of Garlic, chopped or minced
2 tablespoons of dried Basil, or about 1 cup of fresh, chopped leaves.
1 medium sized container of fresh Mushroom, rinsed and sliced (Or, 2 small cans of mushrooms will work.)
3 large carrots, shredded or you can just chop these.
1-4 tablespoons of Cayenne Pepper, to taste.

**Tip** The Vidalia Chop Wizard makes preparing this stew much faster!

Step 1. First things first, thaw the 2 pork neckbones.

Step 2. After they are thawed, break them up (they should break up pretty easily). Then shave every bit of meat you can off the bones.

Step 3. Get out your crock pot. Berlena suggests using a large one, so if you have a smaller one, adjust the recipe to fit the ingredients into your crock pot.

**Tip** If you do not have a crock pot, use a pot with a tightly fitting lid, which you can seal, and not have steam escape.

Step 4. Put the meat into about 2 quarts of water water. Slowly stir in a cup flour, and a can of tomato soup (homemade tomato paste works better, but canned tomato soup is a decent alternative)

Step 5.Add in the chopped celery, basil, carrots, onions, garlic, and mushrooms.

Step 6. Let this all cook for about 2 hours on low heat. About half of the way through, test the thickness. If your stew is still pretty watery, add in some more flour (in small increments) until you reach your desired thickness.

Step 7. Add in your pineapple, and some cayenne pepper to taste.

Step 8. Let this cook for another hour on low heat.

Uncover, and enjoy!

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